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The best resource for pregnancy that I found was the documentary called "Inside the Womb" by National Geographic.  This documentary goes through the entire fetal development from conception to birth.  I literally watched this documentary every night on my iPad before I went to bed.  I found it on YouTube broken up into 10 parts.  This makes it a little easier to watch it based on how far along you are.  It is a really cool documentary.  If you are into science as much as I am, then you will love this documentary.
You can watch the documentary in its entirety on this website as well:
Or you can order it guess it...AMAZON!


There are many websites out there that have information regarding pregnancy.  Below are some sites that I found very helpful and full of information.  I stayed clear of the forums.  There are a lot of women who have difficulty during their pregnancy and after reading some of the stories I decided that it would be best to NOT read anymore:

Free iPhone Apps

iPre Free: I really enjoyed this app and there was no need for me to upgrade to the paid version.  The free version gives you a calendar, a place to upload photos, a user forum, an organizer for appointment questions, reminders and a to do list, weekly information including baby's size, synopsis, baby's development, how am I feeling and suggestions.

Pregnancy : This app has a lot going on with it.  I found that if I used all the features to it, I would be on it all day.  I believe the developers of this app are from the UK, because the spelling throughout the app is different than it would be in the US. Here are all the features it has to offer:
  My Baby: Weekly, Daily, Star Signs, Belly, Size Guide and Timeline
  Me: Food, Labour, Exercise, Birth Plan, Medical, Weight
  Organizer: Doc Visits, Shopping, Hospital Bag, To Do, Names, Phone
  Tools: Kick Counter Contractions, Due Date
Again, I really only used the app for the weekly information.  It has great images!! 
Sprout:  This is my favorite one! The graphics within this app are amazing.  The information that it provides is very accurate and it has a very simple, user-friendly interface.  I almost bought the full version, but again, I didn't see a need to do so.
What to Expect Pregnancy: I wasn't a big fan of the What to Expect book series.  I mean, I read them, but I didn't love them.  I decided to give their free app a try.  I basically used it for the front page.  Upon opening the app, it would tell you how big the baby was compared to a piece of fruit.
It has other things to offer, such as weekly and daily information along with a place to upload photos and a user forum.
BabyBump:  This app is a lot like the Pregnancy app.  There are a lot of tools that you can use, such as, Pregnancy Info, Forums, a place to upload photos, messages, friends, Journal, Baby Names, Kick Counter, Contraction Tracker and Birth Planning.  It was really only worth the daily information to me.
My Pregnancy by BabyCenter:  This app is nice and simple.  It gives you daily information, even sometimes videos!  There is a checklist and a few other tools.  Check this one out fo sho!


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