Beauty Products During and After Pregnancy

Let's talk beauty products and hygiene during pregnancy. I had a hard time with smell diversion. During the first couple of weeks of pregnancy, smells can be over powering! Both the good and bad smells. I love my Bath&Bodyworks soaps, lotions and body sprays, but for the first few weeks or so, I would gag at the smell of them. Therefore, I had to stop using them. On top of the smell bothering me, my skin was even more sensitive than it was before pregnancy. Time to go the hypoallergenic route. I researched different kind of hypoallergenic soaps and other beauty products and found the below ones worked swell during and even after pregnancy:

All the products in the picture are hypoallergenic, except for the toothpaste and deodorant.

1. The shampoo and conditioner by Suave have a very light fragrance to it and really cleans the hair. It happens to be one of the most inexpensive shampoos and conditioners out there! It was on sale at my local grocery store for .88 last week! One of the nice things during pregnancy for me, is that my hair wouldn't get oily for days! I could go without washing it for a few days.

2. Next is the Aveeno Daily MoisturizingBody Wash. This stuff is amazing and gets rid of dry skin within a week. However, it does have a faint fragrance to it that could be bothersome during pregnancy.

3. The Aveeno Positively Radiant DailyScrub is a gentle scrubbing cleanser for sensitive skin. I used it every day with that Oil of Olay spinny brush thing on the lowest spinny cycle.

4. This Degree MotionSense deodorant is amazing and it's going to be your best friend throughout pregnancy! Because you are pregnant, your body temperature is slightly higher than normal, to incubate your growing baby. I was hot ALL the time and I needed a deodorant that I could count on, since I was continuously on the move. This MotionSense is awesome!

5. The Ponds face lotion I was using before pregnancy and it just so happens to be hypoallergenic and has a slight scent to it. The moisture level lasts all day! It isn't greasy and doesn't clog your pores. I still wore it during the summer to keep moisture in, even though I probably didn't need it.

6. Don't shy away from The Dove Sensitiveskin bar right away thinking that it will dry out your skin, because it won't. My skin literally feels velvety after using it and the feeling lasts all day. It is fragrance free, hypoallergenic. I use it now after pregnancy and just love it. Plus it's only a few bucks for 2 bars!

7. Last but not least, toothpaste. Because of the hormones, pregnant women are more susceptible to developing gingivitis. During my pregnancy, I actually used the Crest ProHealth Clinical Gum Protection to help protect my teeth and gums, but now I am back to the regular ProHealth.

Last but not least: Almond Oil

I want to recommend almond oil over any other type of oil used to soothe stretch marks after pregnancy or to provide moisture to the belly during pregnancy.  I never once got stretch marks when I was pregnant.  However, 2 hours after the C-section they appeared.  I guess when you remove an almost 9 pound baby from a 4 inch incision the skin is going to stretch a little.  I researched different types of moisturizers to soothe the stretch marks (because they won't ever go away.  In time they will fade to a silvery white color).  The almond oil is natural, smooth and does not have a scent to it.  I use this oil after each shower on the stretch marks and then I use some at night when I massage the c-section incision and areas around it. 

When you rub oil onto your skin, your skin absorbs the oil into your body.  Almond oil and coconut oil are both natural, non-synthetic oils that are safe for your skin.  Here is a great article as to why baby oil or mineral oil is not so safe for your skin (or baby's skin):

I continued to use all of these products after pregnancy, because they really had positive results. I still haven’t used any of my many Bath & Bodyworks products, because I don’t want my baby smelling like them.  He is in my arms a lot and skin to skin with me at least 15 minutes a day. Until we are done with breastfeeding, the smelly stuff is going to stay in the box.

I have complied all the beauty products talked about in this post into my Amazon store


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