So, you and your spouse or significant other have tossed around the idea of having a baby.  Here is the conversation between my husband and I one day when we decided the time was good:

Me: "When do you want to have kids?"
Dear Husband (DH): "Whenever, is fine."
Me: "How many do you want?"
DH: "3 is good, don't you think?"
Me: "Yeah. 3 is a good number."

4 years before this conversation we got married and then a year later had adopted a pit bull mix from a local animal shelter.  This dog had so much energy even when he grew out of the puppy years, that we decided to wait on having kids until he had calmed down some.  Well, it took exactly 4 years for this dog (Chief) to mellow out. He was now calm, obedient and protective. Perfect! Bring on the baby!  But wait! I was only working part-time.  How on EARTH are we going to afford to have a baby?  Isn't the first year cost of a baby over $10,000?! We have to wait until my position becomes full-time.  Fast-forward to a promotion of full-time and amazing health benefits; including an HMO that will pay 100% of maternity including prenatal, labor, delivery and recovery?  OK! Let's get to it!


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