Labor and Delivery

It's time!  This section of the blog goes through the different stages of labor and delivery based off my personal experience.  Every woman's labor and delivery is going to be different.  Your labor and delivery could be very different from child to child.  I wanted to share my personal story, because the night before I was scheduled to be induced I searched various blogs for support, because honestly I was scared shitless!!  I was fine with everything up until the night before.  I found a post titled "My unfavorable Cervix" and read this woman's story.  Her story and personal experience put my mind at ease and helped my thought process to accept that my birth plan would most likely get thrown out the window...and that is exactly what happened.  If I hadn't come across that woman's story, I wouldn't have been so accepting of the fact that "you can't control what happens in the labor or delivery room".  You just have to go with the flow and do whatever is best and safest for the baby:

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