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 Welcome to New Mom, Old Soul blog! At New Mom, Old Soul you will find a chronological order of knowledge and personal experience about pre-pregnancy all the way through your baby's first few months from a new mom's perspective.  Sure, you could read someone else's blog who is older than thirty-something and has more "mom" experience than me, but here you will find experience that is real, inspirational and informative.  You may even think, "I wonder how this new mom knows all about babies and pregnancy right off the bat.  She must have lived previous lives and is an old soul". 

I have read and researched a lot from reputable sources before, during and after my pregnancy.  Not all of the sources are cited on my blog yet, that is for another day.  You have my word that I'm not just making stuff up!

Posts may be slow at first.  My little one was born on 2/19/13 and I just went back to work on May 19th.  Finding extra time to blog is...well, nearly impossible.  If I even have a spare moment, it's because I probably forgot to do something.  Here are a few links within my blog to the posts that I really wanted to share the most with everyone:
Breastfeeding From the Beginning
Secrets to Pumping and Storing Breastmilk

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